The Center for Interpersonal Development

14650 Detroit Avenue, Suite LL40
Lakewood, OH  44107
216 226 2721   FAX 216 226 2731


We cannot climb up a rope that is attached only to our own belt

                                                                                                                       --William Ernest Hocking


The Center for Interpersonal Development has been nestled in the heart of Lakewood, Ohio since 1977.  Historically, it is one of Ohio's first private organizations to offer counseling services to those suffering from alcohol and drug problems.

Since its birth, the agency's Executive Director, Dr. William Mock, has been dedicated to establishing cooperative links to the community for the purpose of developing high quality and diversified services for its citizens.

Today, CID is committed to involvement with many challenges to psychosocial health.  Some of the life problems for which CID offers services include:  family and other interpersonal conflict; parenting; job stress; time management; drug and alcohol problems; mood and other mental disorders; financial strife; grief; and emotional trauma.   The Centers' staff is comprised of psychologists, social workers and counselors.  Their training and professional ethics support an overall purpose to identify and mobilize the strengths of individuals, families, community and work organizations in the service of growth and relief from suffering.




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